Sunkenland- How To Move Structures Instead Of Demolishing

SunkenlandSunkenland is a survival game where most of the scavenging is done underwater to gather resources. In order to build a base we would require essential buildings and workshops but it gets troublesome when we decided to move our base somewhere else. If all the structures such as Chests, Workshops, Water Purifier, Grills, etc. can be moved, then it would solve most of our worries such as even organizing decoratives. So, how do we move structures instead of demolishing them?

How To Move Structures In Your Base Without Demolishing In Sunkenland

The Building Hammer is used to repair and Demolish objects. Demolishing stuff will grant you a few resources back which is nice but the main problem still lies within i.e. how to move the objects once it is placed. The solution is to craft a “Packing Box” i.e. found under the Inventory Tab and under the Tools icon.

SunkenlandEquip the Packing Box in order to Pack Up the desired object after you have cleared all the stash or else it will destroy all the resources present in it. For example: if you have a chest full of resources, using the tool will pick up the chest but destroy all the resources that were in it. So, move all the resources before picking up the structures.

It is recommended to craft a Marking Flag and build outposts or bases as you move ahead so, that you might not get stranded or get lost. For more informative guides on Sunkenland, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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