Sunkenland- How To Get Marlins Fish Skin

SunkenlandThe underwater graphic and beauty captured in Sunkenland is really good. We have so many islands and underwater areas to explore; Factions to be wary of and raids to plan in order to gain significant resources. In order to quickly grow strong we can’t delay our advancement as the enemies or intruders will attempt to invade your base from time to time. What’s better than increasing your dive time and dive speed?

How To Get Marlins Fish Skin At Sunkenland

SunkenlandMarlins skin is required to craft a Diving Fin. The skin is obtained after killing the Marlins fish as shown in the image. The Marlins are usually found in schools of three and they are harmless. However, they are quite agile but they will circle around and follow the route which makes it easier to stab with your spear.

Once you have Marlins skin in your backpack it is also recommended to hunt Shark to get Shark’s skin in advance. The easiest way to kill a shark is to dive down a little when the shark is charging towards you and hit it with your spear. This will take some time but once you get the hang of it, you will find it pretty easy.

Craft Diving Fin i.e. found under the Inventory, simple crafting tab, and feel the difference between speed when you equip Diving Fin vs. unequipped Diving Fin. For more informative guides on Sunkenland, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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