Sunkenland- How And Where To Get Red Algae

SunkenlandIn Sunkenland, a boat is the first thing we want to have possession of if we plan to move away from Castaway Island and explore the undiscovered areas. There would be multiple enemy Factions you will find near your island and approaching nearby without any proper preparation will be quite hurtful. Once you start bleeding, you will slowly lose health until it’s treated. One thing you can stack is a bunch of Herbal Medicine into your backpack and go on a healing spree. However, for that, you will need stacks of Red Algae in your inventory.

How And Where To Get Red Algae At Sunkenland

Red Algae is a common item that is not hard to find and miss but due to its importance replaced by Food and Pills, it is often ignored. Consuming raw Red Algae has little to no impact on your stat however crafting it into an Herbal Medicine is another way to approach and prepare for the raid.


SunkenlandA Herbal Medicine can be crafted using 3 red algae and these are all found underwater as shown in the image. It can be easily spotted in daylight when the water is not deep. The cloth will still be an important resource for resolving bleeding and is required for Research and Building. The bleeding will automatically stop after depleting 1/3rd of your Health Point, so instead of using a Bandage to recover and stop the bleeding damage, use Herbal Medicine quite often.

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