Starfield Access Is Key Guide Find Security Guard Outfit Or Suit


In your journey through Starfield, you’ll come across the intriguing quest called “Access Is Key.” Imogene Salzo, hailing from Ryujin Tower, has a task for you: She wants you to nab a security card from the Head of Security at the Clinic, a space station dedicated to aiding any wayfarer in need. Now, there are multiple paths to tackle this mission, but some approaches prove more effective than others. Here’s the lowdown, and remember, violence is a big no-no according to Ryujin Industries. Here’s what you need to know to ace the “Access Is Key” quest in Starfield.

Starfield How To Get Suit or Security Guard Outfit 

As you prepare for the intricate mission of nabbing a security key at the Clinic in Starfield, it’s wise to plan for non-violent alternatives. Since violence is a strict no-go, your best bet is to secure a Suit or Security Outfit before venturing into the station. Here’s a savvy tip: Before your Clinic escapade, consider obtaining a Suit from Aito, one of the vendors stationed on the ground floor of Ryujin Tower. Visit him before departing from Neon and procure a stylish Suit from his collection. Once you have the Suit, equip it under the Apparel category for your Starfield character.

Head to the lobby of Ryujin Tower and seek out Aito Suzuki. Purchase a Corpo Boardroom Suit from him. When it comes to dealing with the security chief, they won’t cooperate unless you’re dressed the part.

You can also obtain the security guard uniform by visiting the Neon Security building. Check out the entrance of Neon Security in the image above. After entering inside, you need to take a left and go up the stairs. There you will find some lockers, open them to obtain the Security Guard Uniform.

Retrieve Keycard

To snag the keycard discreetly, save your progress, crouch behind the Head of Security at the Clinic, and pickpocket the keycard. You’ve got a 70% chance of success. If you miss, reload your save and try again. Once you’ve secured the keycard, exit the Clinic, fast travel back to Neon, and report to Imogene at Ryujin Tower to wrap up the mission with finesse.

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