Sunkenland- How To Get Or Craft Water Bucket

SunkenlandOnce we get and start a New World in Sunkenland at the beginning, there are options such as a Health bar, Stamina bar, Food, and Water bar. The basic information we get from that is this game has that the hunger and thirst feature which will affect your Stamina bar or your performance. Even if you lack in any aspect such as food or water, the immediate notification will pop up that you are hungry or thirsty.

To solve the predicament and crisis, we have the option to build cooking Grills and water Purifier. Grilling or cooking food is simple but to use a Purifier, you will need an empty bucket that will be used to fetch seawater and poured into the Purifier. So, the question is how do we craft the water bucket?

How To Get Or Craft Water Bucket In Sunkenland

SunkenlandInstead of going into the “Build” Tab, go to the “Inventory” Tab. Besides your Backpack, there would be more crafting options given under “Simple Crafting“. Select the second option i.e. above the dress icon as shown in the image to be able to get an option to craft various items that also include “Seawater Bucket“.

Apart from the Seawater Bucket, you can craft an Empty Bottle to fill it up with Water. The bottle filled with Water is essential to obtain Alcohol which is required further to craft a Molotov. In the beginning, when materials are scarce and basic, it is important to plan and utilize your resources carefully.

For more informative guides on Sunkenland, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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