Sunkenland- How To Craft Rope

SunkenlandSunkenland is a survival game where crafting components and materials is an essential way to improve your chance of ending a day peacefully. Building a shelter or base is a basic approach where you want to craft and build workshops, machinery to improve your tools, and resources to fulfill basic needs. The rope will be required as a basic ingredient in most of the tools you want to craft. So, how do we get ropes?

How To Craft Rope In Sunkenland

To craft a Rope, you will require 3 Cloth. If we have started playing the game then we know how tough it is to get cloth. Cloth can be randomly obtained from car debris or from any other medium such as chopping wardrobes or other wooden structures in the water. Under the water, check for the object that resembles the Front Load Washing Machine where you will get stacks of cloth.

Now, you have cloth so why can’t we get to craft rope? There are a total of two crafting Menus. First under “Build” i.e. when we press “B” by default it will open. Secondly, under the “Inventory Tab” look on the left side of your Backpack where you can notice that there are more crafting options available under “Simple Crafting“.

SunkenlandAs shown in the image above under the utility or fourth option, you will be able to craft ropes. Often we ignore and miss this crafting option as we focus and tunnel vision on inventory management. However, now you know how to craft Rope and hope it speeds up the development of your base.

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