Starfield Red Tape Runaround choices Destroy, Blackmail or Snitch


It’s time to dive into the cosmic intrigue of Starfield and see where the stars take you! As you embark on a journey into the vast, unknown universe of Starfield, get ready for a wild ride filled with excitement. We’re talking about some real juicy stuff happening on the various planets you’ll visit. Let’s zoom in on Cydonia, a place on Mars. Here, you’ll meet Governor Glen Hurst, and let me tell you, he’s quite the character. He’s got a slick way about him, and he’s not afraid to use it. So, here’s the deal: You’ll find yourself in a situation where you’re helping someone out, doing a good deed, you know. But Governor Hurst sees an opportunity to take advantage. He’ll try to convince you to cover up a seriously nasty crime. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. You’ve got a choice to make. Do you go along with the Governor’s shady plan and hide the evidence, or do you gather up that evidence and use it to blackmail him or snitch on him?

Starfield Red Tape Quest Runaround

If you’re diving into the cosmic adventure of Starfield, you might stumble upon the intriguing questline known as the “Red Tape Runaround.” However, before you get all wrapped up in it, there’s a crucial precursor quest you need to tackle first: “Red Tape Blues.” So, here’s the scoop: Red Tape Blues is where it all begins, and to unlock “Red Tape Runaround,” you’ve got to make sure you’ve completed this quest. To kick off “Red Tape Blues,” seek out a fella named Trevor down on Mars. You’ll find him holding court at the lower level of Cydonia, where folks are hard at work mining Martian rock. So, before you get caught up in the cosmic bureaucracy of “Red Tape Runaround,” get down to Mars, find Trevor.

In your interstellar journey through Starfield, you’ll cross paths with a man named Peter. He’s in quite the pickle and needs a specific package. But, there’s a catch—Governor Glen Hurst stands in the way. Now, when you approach Governor Hurst for help, he’s willing to assist, but there’s a tricky condition. He’ll agree to aid you if you return the favor by destroying his own ship. He claims it’s been swiped by the Crimson Fleet, and he’s desperate to keep it out of their clutches. Here’s where things get dicey. In reality, Governor Hurst has struck a sinister deal with the Crimson Fleet. He’s hired them to seize his ship, eliminate anyone on board, and cover up some rather incriminating secrets.

Starfield All Choices Governor Hurst

In the cosmic saga of Starfield, you’ll face a pivotal decision regarding Governor Glen Hurst’s tangled affairs. Here’s the lowdown on your options and what follows:

Option 1: Destroy the Ship

  • By destroying the ship, you’ll eliminate all the pirates inside. However, you’ll also lose some incriminating evidence against Governor Hurst.
  • You can report back to Hurst, and he’ll hand over the package, but there won’t be any extra rewards.

Option 2: Get Onboard the Ship

  • You can attempt to dock your ship and get inside after issuing a threat. The pirates will invite you aboard for negotiations.
  • Here’s where it gets interesting. They’ll present you with evidence against Hurst. You can explore the ship, uncover more clues about a deceased woman, and even choose to confront and eliminate all the pirates.
  • Regardless of your actions, you now possess evidence that opens two further choices.
Choice A: Blackmail Governor Hurst

Use the evidence to your advantage and demand a bribe from Hurst. He’ll comply, and you’ll gain credits along with the package.

Choice B: Snitch on Governor Hurst
  • Alternatively, you can opt to remove Hurst from his position as Governor. Present the evidence to CDR Vincent Woodard instead.
  • To do this, select any of the options that involve lying to Hurst, then make your way to Woodard after securing the package.
  • The rest of the quest unfolds as usual, and you can return the package to Peter, all while lining your pockets with some extra credits.

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