Starfield Upload Program Without Getting Caught One Step Away


Starfield” is a cosmic odyssey that propels players into the boundless depths of an uncharted universe. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, this highly anticipated role-playing game offers a sprawling interstellar playground filled with star systems, alien worlds, and untold adventures. Once you’ve aligned yourself with “Ryujin Industries” in Starfield, you’ll swiftly find yourself embarking on the next thrilling quest, “One Step Away.”

This mission is designed to assess your prowess in the realm of cybercrime, as Imogen entrusts you with the task of uploading a critical program to their business rival, CELTCORP. The mission to upload the program can then unfold as you delve deeper into the cybernetic intrigue that awaits you within this captivating cosmic journey. Below, you’ll discover a comprehensive walkthrough that guides you to the location of CELTCORP and provides the steps for uploading the program without getting caught.


After aligning yourself with Ryujin Industries, your journey begins. Speak to Imogen, and she will initiate your mission, which involves uploading a program at CELTCORP. Open your mission log or quest journal to gather essential information about the quest. You’ll soon learn that CELTCORP is situated within the “Neon Trade Tower.”

Exit Ryujin’s HQ, setting your course for the opposite end of the eastern strip. There, you will find the formidable Neon Trade Tower, home to CELTCORP’s operations. As you venture into the Neon Trade Tower complex, proceed to the ground floor. You’ll discover an elevator to your right. Enter the elevator and peruse the available options. Select the floor designated for CELTCORP. This will transport you to your destination within the Neon Trade Tower.

Starfield Upload File Without Getting Caught

CELTCORP doesn’t seem too concerned about security, which works to our advantage. Let’s go through how to sneak into CELTCORP and upload an important program. Here’s a step-by-step guide in simpler terms:

  1. After getting out of the elevator on the CELTCORP floor you need to walk to the other side of the room. Then turn left into the office area.
  2. Your main job is to find a specific computer and the location will be marked by quest marker.
  3. Before you do anything else, make a quick save. This is like a safety net in case something goes wrong.
  4. Keep an eye out. Position yourself close to the computer and watch for anybody nearby. The best course of action is to wait until the security guard leaves the room. The guard will make his way around the station as he patrols the area.
  5. Make sure no one is watching, crouch, and use the computer.
  6. You need to unlock the computer first using Digipick. Solve it to upload the program without any problems.

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