Starfield Starborns & How To Become One


In the vast expanse of Bethesda’s Starfield, a universe clustered with enigmatic wonders and celestial adventures, a unique group known as the Starborn takes center stage. These beings play a pivotal role in the game’s storyline, adding layers of intrigue and cosmic significance. The enigmatic Starborn continues to be a source of fascination and intrigue. This article seeks to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Starborn, shedding light on their identity, and the path to becoming one.

Your first encounter with a Starborn in Starfield is The Hunter, a character who issues a stark warning, urging you to abandon your relentless pursuit of Artifacts. As the story unfolds, this same Starborn tantalizingly hints at a profound concept known as The Unity, further deepening the enigma surrounding these beings.

Starfield Starborn

At the core of Starfield’s lore lies the concept of the Starborn. These remarkable individuals are beings who have transcended their human existence through a cosmic phenomenon called The Unity. By attaining Unity, they shed their former lives and embrace a future filled with extraordinary possibilities. One of the defining characteristics of a Starborn is their ability to traverse the multiverse, moving between different dimensions and even creating entirely new universes at will. These ascended beings wield immense power and knowledge, making them central figures.

Each Starborn possesses a unique and substantial spacecraft, paired with an exclusive spacesuit. Furthermore, the skills, abilities, and experiences gathered from their previous lives remain an integral part of their cosmic identity, guiding them through the uncharted realms of the universe. However, the cosmic rebirth of a Starborn comes at a significant cost. Material possessions, relationships, and memories from their past lives are left behind. Close friends now bereft of memories of the Starborn, lead separate lives in alternate universes where their paths have never crossed.

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