Sunkenland How to Get Ores and Ingots


Exploring the uncharted islands of Sunkenland yields an array of vital resources, including sustenance and utility items essential for constructing and fortifying your base. Of particular significance during the early stages of your journey are ores and ingots. In this comprehensive guide, we shall delve into the intricacies of procuring these invaluable commodities and optimizing their utilization in the realm of Sunkenland.

Prior to embarking on your journey within Sunkenland, the acquisition and management of ores and ingots stand as important considerations. For an overview, this article has you covered on how to make ingots from ores in Sunkenland and provides some pointers to keep in mind. Pay attention to the following steps: making a pickaxe, searching underwater and on islands for Iron Ore, building a furnace, and starting the smelting procedure. To achieve maximum efficiency, keep the furnace fed and make sure that processing is ongoing.

Sunkenland How To Get Ores

Making a Pickaxe: Before embarking on the pursuit of ores, the prerequisite is the fabrication of a pickaxe. This indispensable tool can be meticulously crafted through the navigation of the crafting menu and the selection of the corresponding pickaxe blueprint. Procuring basic materials, such as wood and stone, is mandatory for the crafting process.

Ore Retrieval: Possessing a pickaxe, one can systematically scour the islands and submerged domains for ore deposits. The distinctive shimmer of these mineral deposits sets them apart. The usefulness of your pickaxe is harnessed to extract iron, copper, or sulfur from these reserves.

As your journey unfolds, the prospect of fabricating the Ore-Finder device beckons. This sophisticated apparatus significantly streamlines the process of ore detection, providing a palpable advantage. It is imperative to note that the Ore-Finder relies on a battery for operation. Hence, procuring a viable power source is incumbent.

How To Get Ingots

Having accumulated a cache of ores, the ensuing step involves the craft of ingots. This necessitates the acquisition of a furnace, which is made accessible post the requisite research. Attaining the status of level 2 in the research domain is imperative for crafting a furnace.

Furnace Fabrication: Consult your crafting menu to pinpoint the furnace blueprint. The requisite components, usually inclusive of stone, are essential for the assembly of this pivotal contraption. The furnace is pivotal as it forms the crucible for the transformation of ores into ingots.

Fueling the Furnace: Ensure operational vitality through the introduction of wood. Mixing iron ore and wood within the furnace outputs the iron ingots after it’s smelted. Sustaining periodic replenishment of the wood supply is needed to maintain seamless crafting processes.

Utilizing Ingots in Sunkenland: Iron ingots furnish the foundational constituents for crafting pivotal tools and apparatuses. For instance, they serve as the bedrock for the fabrication of the Ore-Finder, a device instrumental in the detection of proximate ore deposits. Iron ingots also play a pivotal role in battery crafting, a critical component. The integration of batteries with the Ore-Finder begets a formidable tool capable of precise ore location within your immediate vicinity.

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