Starfield- How To Rename Or Change Ship’s Name

StarfieldIn Starfield there is so much content to wrap your mind up. Your undivided attention will be required in shipbuilding, Outpost management, exploration, resource farming, XP farming, and many more. It gets frustrating when you have to find a simple feature among various options and lose track of it. Similarly, changing or renaming the ship is a feature locked behind many options. For that, we have compiled a small guide that will help you to rename a number of ships according to your preference.

How To Rename Or Change The Ship’s Name In Starfield

To rename the ships, you will need to visit Ship Sevices Technician and select to “Modify” the starship. Once you are redirected to the modify page, select the “Ship Builder” menu by pressing “X” in the controller and “B” on the keyboard.

If it is your first time selecting the Ship Builder menu, a notification screen will pop up that will give you brief pieces of information. Next, select “Flight Check” from the various range of options. Now, you will find the “Rename Ship” option which you can select to rename your ship and change it to your liking.

For more informative guides on Starfield, click on the link that has been mentioned in this description:

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