Starfield Outpost Guide


In the universe of Starfield, outposts serve as the means to establish a lasting presence on the surface of planets. Within these outposts, individuals have the opportunity to erect a diverse range of structures, facilitating activities like resource industrial production, extraction, the creation of different stations, or the secure storage of personal belongings. Setting up this beacon is paramount until you find a perfect place to set it up. Players, we have curated an easy walkthrough for you to set up outposts in the extraterrestrial land and even connect cargo links.

Starfield How To Set Up Outpost

For setting up an outpost in Starfield, you will need a flat surface. It’s as simple as just landing on any planet you choose, open the scanner, and press the ‘R’ key. This will give you a holographic image as a temporary view to establish your foundation. As a starter, the game will allow you to build 8 outposts, but when you venture ahead, maxing out your planetary habitation skill will allow you to build 48 outposts in total.

After the place is located, you can establish your beacon, and once you do that, you’ll enter Build Mode. It’s important to note that you can freely switch between Build Mode and Modify Mode whenever needed. Within Build Mode, you gain the ability to create various structures, all within the confines of the beacon’s designated area. Furthermore, you have the option to engage a flycam mode, providing you with a convenient top-down perspective for overseeing your outpost’s development. This feature offers enhanced flexibility and control throughout the construction process. You can also enter into Modify mode.

When operating in Modify mode, you gain the ability to manipulate objects within your outpost. This includes the options to relocate or remove items. Notably, removing objects reimburses you with the entire resource cost associated with them. Additionally, certain objects can have their colors adjusted while in Modify mode, and you can establish connections between powered items using wires. Furthermore, there’s the option to engage in Clear mode, a function designed for mapping out areas to be cleared of obstacles. This invaluable feature allows for unobstructed construction, providing a clean canvas for your building endeavors.

Along with outposts, it’s imperative to construct special outpost structures that act as different maintenance units like extractors, turrets, and lighting systems within your outpost. A reliable power source is crucial. You have a choice between three options: a Wind Turbine, Solar Array, or Fueled Generator. These power sources will endeavor to wirelessly supply power to all compatible structures.

However, if you desire precise control over which structures receive power, you can manually select both the power source and the target structure. By selecting “Wire” and establishing a connection between the two, you can ensure a direct power link. If the situation requires you to create an indoor environment, the initial step involves the construction of an Outpost Airlock. This requires the following materials: 2 Lead, 3 Sealant, and 3 Aluminum. Once erected, the Outpost Airlock serves as the gateway to your Hab modules, facilitating the expansion and development of your base’s indoor spaces.

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