Starfield- Mantis Puzzle Solution, Razorleaf And Mantis Suit

StarfieldIn Starfield, we venture into outer space, and as our job dictates we explore and survey all the star system. One of the planets we would harbors a quest that if completed will drop us a legendary Mantis suit and Razorleaf spaceship. So, how to start the quest and solve the Mantis puzzle? Do not fret as in this guide we have everything covered.

Mantis Puzzle Solution, Razorleaf, And Mantis Suit All In One At Starfield

First of all to get Razorleaf, and Mantis suit or even solve the Mantis puzzle; we would require a specific Note i.e. “Secret Outpost“. It is obtained after defeating Spacers. The chance to obtain the Note is not bad but if you are still unlucky then instead of focusing on this, keep on grinding and advancing through the main storyline to reach Denebola.

In Denebola, select the moon of Denebola I i.e. Denebola I-b. On this planet, you will find a bunch of Spacers and if you have not obtained the notes yet, then you will most likely find the note here on this planet for sure. Once you obtain and read the note that would be found in your Inventory and further in Notes, the Mantis mission will be acquired and a Secret Outpost Landing place will be unlocked. Next, set the Landing Target on the “Secret Outpost“.

Mantis Puzzle Solution

Once you are inside the Lair of the Mantis, you will come across a room where there will be a mini platform that has letter inscribed on it. It is a trap and to solve the puzzle, you will need to simply walk on the letters and advance forward one at a time. The word given to you by Leon would be “TYRANNIS“. So, walk on T, then Y, and so on till S and overcome the obstacle.

Claim Mantis Suit

Follow one of the markers that will lead you to the complete set of Mantis suit which is legendary.

Claim Razorleaf Starship

There will be markers that will lead you to the Mantis Starship. Activate the Mantis Ship by interacting with the Starship Lift Controls to lift it up on the ground. Next, get out of the level using the Lift and exit the building in order to go to the surface. Once you are outside, follow the marker where the starship that you lifted can be claimed. Simply, enter the starship and Take Off to claim and register it later.

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