Starfield- Into The Unknown Mission Walkthrough

StarfieldIn Starfield, “Into The Unknown” is one of the time-taking missions where we might get lost in the surroundings if we are not wary. This mission allows and unlocks the first power you can obtain. If you are stuck somewhere then we have explained all you need to do in this walkthrough.

Into The Unknown Mission Walkthrough For Starfield

Talk To Vladimir

StarfieldAccording to the description, you will need to go to the Eye which is a star station i.e. owned by the Constellation. In Starmap, an icon of Eye will be visible where you will need to Fast Travel. Hail and advance forward to The Eye in order to Dock and Board in. Once you are inside the star station, follow the marker in order to talk to Vladimir Sall and update the next part of the quest.

Go To Tau Ceti II

In order to find Andreja whose connection has been cut off and unreachable for some time, we would need to follow the same lead as Andreja i.e. the possible Artifacts location in Tau Ceti II.

Find Andreja

StarfieldSet course to Tau Ceti II and land in the Abandoned Mine. Follow the marker and enter the “Deep Cave“. Once you have located Andreja, talk to her and advance forward to complete the mission of locating the Artifact. On your way, eliminate all the threats that stand in your path.

Once you reach the marker where the Artifact i.e. Caelumite Deposit is found, you will need to mine it out with the help of Cutter. If you don’t have a Cutter, check the bodies of Miner or nearby surroundings to find a Cutter. Take the “Artifact Iota” and have a conversation with Andreja.

Go To Sumati

You can now check the next artifact location i.e. in Sumati. Travel and land in the “Occupied Cave“. Follow the marker and enter the Occupied Cave in search of the artifact. Once you reach the marker, take the “Artifact Zeta” after mining it with the help of Cutter.

Add The Artifacts To The Collection

Travel back to the Lodge, in Jemison and activate the Artifact Collection.

Talk To Matteo

StarfieldHave a conversation with Matteo who will be in the same vicinity and learn what he has to say.

Talk To Vladimir

To talk to Vladimir, you will need to travel back to the star station, “Eye“. Learn what he has to say and the quest will be updated.

Go To Procyon III

Set course to Procyon III and jump to land on the location of Scanner Anomaly. Activate the Hand Scanner by pressing “F” and search for the distortion. When your screen will detect the shockwave, the distortion will be noticeable. As the Anomaly is not located nearby, so you will be searching it for quite a time.

Advance forward and you will notice that the flickering or the distortion rate will increase. This indicates that you are on the right track. Ultimately, you will discover the location “Temple Eta” which is the source of the current Anomaly. Enter the room of Anti-Gravity, and Investigate the Source of the Anomaly.

Float Up and Down and look around your surroundings to notice a small and distinct glowing orb. Keep on collecting the orb in order to power up the rings. Once it stops, enter the ring to initiate the vision and complete the mission. Now, you have earned the power to create an Anti-Gravity Field.

Return To The Lodge

Travel back to The Lodge and talk to Vladimir Sall. The quest will be updated that will require you to demonstrate your powers in front of them. In your Character screen, you will notice a new Tab will be unlocked i.e. Powers. Select the Power, Anti-Gravity Field, and use it inside the vicinity. Finally, talk to Vladimir to complete the mission and earn the XP.

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