Starfield- How To Get The Star Eagle Starship Early On

StarfieldIn Starfield, we would never give up a chance to obtain anything precious, and nothing more important and precious than a starship. Star Eagle is a starship that you can obtain very early in the game i.e. better than Frontier in every aspect or value. There are specific missions you will need to complete in order to unlock the Star Eagle as it is one of the most powerful ships statistically you can get quite early on.

How To Get The Star Eagle Starship In Starfield

Go to the Cheyenne Star system and enter the planet Akila to explore the “Akila City“. You can visit this planet at any given time, and once you enter Akila City make sure you complete a specific mission. There would be a robbery going on in the bank and everyone inside is taken as a hostage. Resolve the situation and you will have to next meet an important figure of the Fleetstar.

Inside the bar, you will meet Emma Wilcox who will initiate the Fleetstar Ranger mission. Select any mission from the Fleetstar Ranger Mission Board and one of the easiest and most productive missions you can choose will be “Destroy The Crimson Fleet Captain“.

Once you accept the mission, you can track it and go to the map. For this particular mission, the Tech skill i.e. “Targeting Control System” that unlocks ship-targeting functionality comes in handy. You can Lock on the main ship of the Crimson Fleet Captain and target its Engine to shut down its power. Next, you can Dock into the ship and eliminate all the enemies to farm XP and get all the loot including contraband items.

How To Register And Claim New Ship As A Home Ship

This is a nice source of income but let’s not get out of track. After completing the mission, you can obtain the Star Eagle starship and land on any spaceport to register and modify in any Ship Services Technician. Change the Home Ship to Star Eagle from the Frontier as the option would be given in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Another way to claim and register a new starship would be to press the Tab button to bring out the Menu after sitting on the Captain’s chair. Click on the ship icon i.e. present in the left bottom side of the screen. Select the new Unregistered ship and press the specific button shown on the bottom right side of the screen to “Make Home Ship“. Now, the Register option will be available on the bottom right side of the screen.

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