Starfield- How To Complete Survey Data & Sell The Data For More

StarfieldIn Starfield, each planet has different types of environmental conditions, and resources they hold such as Minerals, Flora, and Fauna. The Survey Data will be obtained if we complete the Survey 100%. The number of Resources and Planetary Traits required to search varies from planet to planet. Sometimes, it will show the Biome is completed then what do you need to do in order to quickly survey the data completely?

How To Complete Survey Data In Starfield

Once you enter the planet and look over the biomes where you want to land, select the Destination and land to Exit the Ship. Activate your Hand Scanner and look around the areas that will be highlighted. The Survey record of the biome will be shown on the left side of your screen. The number of total Fauna, Flora, and Resources that the planet has will be shown on the left side of your screen under the Survey bar.

Note: The rare minerals are usually found inside the caves.

The highlighted color will be distinguished into two colors i.e. blue and green specifically. The green color denotes that the data of the particular resource is complete and you do not need further data for it. The blue color denotes that the resource needs to be scanned more for complete data. So for example, if you scan an animal that is blue initially. To turn it green, you will need to scan multiple animals of the same species. The scanning percentage i.e. updated will be shown on the right side while scanning. Reach 100% and it will turn green.

Similarly, if you have completed or cannot gain further data on the particular biomes for the specific resource; it will show Biome Completed on your left screen. Move to another biome where the Survey is not completed in order to find new resources instead of completing a single biome 100%. The reason is other biomes might have a similar resource type which you might have found in the previous biome. This will save time!

Planetary Traits

The question mark on the left side of your screen indicates that the planet has its own traits that you need to find. While using the Hand Scanner, you will find certain markers that will point you towards a location. Explore and scan the area to reveal the planetary traits and reveal the data.

Whom To Sell The Data?

Only the Survey Data i.e. 100% complete can be sold. The Survey Data can be sold at the Trade Authority in the New Atlantis spaceport. However, the value you earn for the complete Survey Data is less in Trade Authority compared to how much the vendor Vladimir pays at The Eye. It is always better to sell your survey data to Vladimir.

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