Starfield Connect Cargo Links Guide


Within the Starfield universe, the option to establish Cargo Links presents an opportunity to interconnect multiple Outposts. This interconnected network streamlines resource management, fostering a more efficient production chain. The primary function of Cargo Links is to facilitate the seamless transfer of materials from one Outpost to another. The utility of Cargo Links extends further, enabling you to transport materials not only from off-world locations but also to your central manufacturing hub. This central hub becomes the nexus for crafting a diverse array of items, whether for commercial purposes or personal use. It’s worth noting that a significant milestone is achieved when you successfully link five Outposts via Cargo Links, unlocking the prestigious Shipping Magnate Achievement.

Starfield How To Connect Cargo Links

To construct a Cargo Link in Starfield, the requirements are quite straightforward. You need to have established the beacon for an outpost and possess the necessary construction materials. Additionally, you must have another outpost already constructed to link the Cargo Link to.

Here’s a breakdown of the materials needed to construct it:

  • Twenty Iron.
  • Two Zero Wire.
  • Twelve Aluminum.
  • Two Beryllium.

The Cargo Link essentially resembles a landing pad, but it features two attached storage containers—a green one designated for incoming items and a red one for outgoing items. Additionally, it includes a console for configuring the connection to specific locations. Upon completing the construction, interact with the console. It will display the available Cargo Links you can connect to, which may include those relevant to supply missions. To establish the connection, simply press the “E” key.

Subsequently, a cargo ship will make periodic landings to collect the contents stored within the outgoing container of the Cargo Link. These collected items are then transported to the linked destination. If you have multiple outposts equipped with Cargo Links, you retain the flexibility to switch between them seamlessly at any given moment. This convenient switch can be executed by accessing the console associated with the Cargo Link. The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity; you are not obligated to perform the switch operation at both ends. Thus, the process of reconfiguring Cargo Links is both straightforward and efficient, affording you precise control over the flow of resources between your outposts and their connected destinations.

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