Harry Potter Magic Awakened How To Play Quidditch & Its Rules.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Here comes a call out to all the Harry Potter fans who are bigger fans of Quidditch itself. The term itself has a larger fanbase, and right when it’s simulated in a gaming realm, it’s cheery to enjoy. Participating in Quidditch is a crucial element of any Harry Potter game, and the good news is that you have the opportunity to enjoy it. While Harry Potter Magic Awakened offers a Quidditch tutorial, its content might not be exhaustive for securing victories. Familiarizing yourself with the subsequent rules and mechanics is crucial to triumph over the opposing team.

Quidditch within the realm of Harry Potter Magic Awakened is itself a gift to its fans. Once you’ve acquired your broom by completing an initial quest alongside Robyn, you’re ready to soar to the Quidditch pitch. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that immediate Quidditch gameplay might not be accessible. Here’s a comprehensive guide detailing the process to unlock the Quidditch experience in the captivating world of Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Quidditch Guide

Your primary requirement is acquiring your broomstick, essential for flying. Fortunately, obtaining it is relatively swift through a story quest involving Robyn. Once you have your broomstick, you’re all set. Glide over to the Quidditch field and initiate your games. Quidditch assumes a role akin to other classes within the game, such as Potions and Dark Arts classes. Consequently, gameplay is limited to specific days. Remember that choosing the right broom can significantly impact your performance in the Quidditch game, so consider your playing style and objectives when making your selection.

Here’s a list of pointers on what is needed to choose a perfect broom for the Quidditch game:

  1. Consider Vital Stats: It’s essential to look at the vital statistics of the broom. These stats will help you determine the best broom to challenge players and the opposing house in the Quidditch game.
  2. Choosing a Nimbus 2000 is a great choice. It’s known for its speed and agility, making it a popular broom among Quidditch players.
  3. Access the Attributes tab to customize the broom’s stats according to your specific needs. This allows you to tailor the broom to your playing style. Look for good speed and endurance as key parameters. A fast broom is crucial for chasing the Quaffle, while endurance ensures you can maintain a good run and perform agile dodging maneuvers.
  4. Complete Subquests: To obtain an exquisite Slytherin-inspired broomstick, make sure to complete the four subquests. In particular, focus on the “Pitch Tour” subquest, which is specifically designed to unlock this unique broom.

In a Quidditch match, the objective is to score points by successfully throwing the Quaffle through the opposing team’s hoops. The team with the highest score when the match concludes wins. Navigating the field during the match is straightforward; you need not be concerned about controlling your broomstick. A simple tap to the left or right alters your lane. However, you should be cautious not to collide with opponents within your lane, as this depletes your stamina and compromises your progress. Scoring is straightforward in the game. When you have possession of the Quaffle, a quick tap on one of the rings/hoops is all it takes to shoot and earn points. Each successful shot rewards you with ten points.

So the next main matter of concern with players is steering the lanes and hovering in the right direction. This is going to be the perfect roller coaster in literal terms. Remember to steer clear of the red lanes in your trajectory and capitalize on the yellow and green lanes for speed and stamina boosts, respectively. Keeping on the right track significantly along the holographic lane will take you to your goalpost, but you will encounter obstacles like your opponents. Hence a perfect dodge is really important, and while on the matter of the time when you see golden arrows along the path, try to click as many times to increase speed and dash into your path.

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