Starfield- How To Dock In Space Stations And Ship

StarfieldIn Starfield we would often find ourselves in space wandering and exploring different planets. There are multiple space stations you will come across when you are navigating your own spaceship. To access the space station and Board in, you will have to Dock first. We have completed this guide focusing specifically on docking or how to dock in the space stations.

How To Dock In Space Stations At Starfield

To dock the space station, you will need to approach it first and use your Interact button. For the Mouse and Keyboard, the default button is “E” and for the controller, it is “LB“. Press the interact key and fly close to the ship in order to allow you an option to “Dock“. Press “R” for MnK and “X” for the controller to initiate docking.

A small cutscene will play when you initiate Docking and then either you can Undock or Board in the space station to explore and participate in certain Events. To dock other ships, you will need to take out their engines and approach them at a steady pace. Press the Interact button in order to bring out the Interface and once you are inside the range to dock, it will appear on your screen and you will be able to dock successfully.

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