Starfield- Alternating Currents Quest Guide Junction Box Location

StarfieldIn Starfield, exploring the planets and progressing through the storyline might not be as simple as we thought. As we have a vast universe to explore, customized maps for each planet and area are too much to ask and expect but who knows, the devs might introduce maps for each area. The location of Junction Boxes in Alternating Currents quest might seem to be simple but the path that leads us to the boxes is hard to locate. In this guide, we have explained and mentioned all the Junction Box locations that you will be tasked to find.

Alternating Currents Quest Guide Junction Box Location In Starfield

After completing the mission “Tapping The Grid“, the next mission “Alternating Currents” will allow you to run errands and search for the Junction Box which is located somewhere nearby. At the beginning talk to Louisa Reyez in The Well area and follow her to proceed through the quest. After a series of conversations, you will be tasked to locate the Junction Box. These Junction Box can be hard to find even if there are markers pointing straight to the objective.

First Junction Box

Exit the Trade Authority building from the main entrance where you met Louisa Reyez at the start of the mission. Once you are outside the building, move outside at linear straight path and turn left to go through the Exit sign. Once you have exited, turn left near the medical sign to climb up a few steps of stairs.

After climbing, go right and climb another set of stairs to go to the “Upper Level“. Advance forward and go through the Door to reach the designated place where you need to interact with the Junction Box as shown in the image above.

Second Junction Box

Next, you will be tasked to locate any of the Junction Boxes. If you are struggling with which one to choose then there is no significant importance in your choices except for the specific dialogues and remarks made by Louisa and Zoe.

You can choose to use the Junction Box i.e. located nearby on the same floor and advance through the quest ahead.

Third Junction Box

The third and final Junction Box is located outside The Well. Go outside and move toward the Residential District. It is more straightforward and there is less to no chance that you are lost in outer space if you are following the marker. Try to activate the Junction Box which will update the questline to locate the power source and turn it ON.

Make sure you have always Digipicks stored in your Inventory as you will be required in this scenario to unlock and enter the apartment. Use the computer and Download Files to gather Evidence and finally report back to Zoe or Louisa.

Whom To Deliver Evidence?

Currently, there has been no development or changes found in Reward or XP if you deliver evidence to either Zoe or Louisa. The only thing that would be different is the conversations with whom you have chosen to deliver the Evidence.

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