Starfield- How To Use Digipick To Lockpick Safe

StarfieldIn Starfield, Digipicks are essential items that are used to lockpick. Most of us have stumbled upon the new lockpick system introduced in the game which might be confusing and frustrating when we do not know what is going on. Though digipicks are not hard to obtain but wasting a resource should not be our practice. Therefore, we have explained how to unlock or digipick linked safe at any Security Level.

How To Use Digipick To Lockpick A Safe Or Case In Starfield

To successfully picklock using Digipick, you will need to focus on the multiple patterns given on the right side which you can select to apply it on. This is a trick you will need to use it later when the Security Level is high. Count the number of holes required to fill in the first ring as well as required in total rings and work with this knowledge. Next, select the digipick patterns that have a similar number of edges in total and match them.

Repeat the process until all the lock patterns are unlocked in order to lockpick successfully and obtain the loots. To ease your lockpick, there is a skill in Tech Tree known as “Security“. Complete the previous Rank challenges so that your lockpick attempt will become much easier.

To obtain Digipick, you can pickpocket, or find it on loots. The most consistent way of collecting Digipicks is to visit Vendors. The earliest vendor we come across is at Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis spaceport on Jemison planet. Purchase it under “Misc” and stack it in your Inventory. To refresh the vendor list in order to purchase more Digipicks, go outside and sit in the chair and wait for 24 Local Hours. Once the local time is changed, go visit the vendor and you can purchase more Digipicks easily.

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