Starfield- How To Use Boost Pack After Equipping It

StarfieldStarfield is a single-player open-world game taking place in the year 2330. Explore the space beyond our own solar system as a space explorer or a diplomat depending on what your characters Background and Traits are. There are more than 1000 planets to explore and as a constellation, you can navigate your own ship and customize it according to your liking in order to defend against the enemies and be prepared for the oncoming dogfights. However, most importantly when we get a boost pack; how do we use it?

How To Use Boost Pack In Starfield

Once you progress through the main story and reach New Atlantis to acquire a Boost Pack, you will need to equip it i.e. available under Inventory. In Inventory, select “Packs” where you can equip the Constellation Pack which is a Basic Boostpack.

After equipping the Boost Pack, you will need to enter your Skill Tree, and under the “Tech” skill tree; the “Boost Pack Training” will allow you to utilize the boost packs. Invest and unlock the Boost Pack Training skill via skill points in order to use a boost pack.

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