Starfield Unlimited Oxygen, Health & Credits Cheats


Console commands have long been a staple in Bethesda Studio’s games, and Starfield is no exception. These commands empower players to enjoy unlimited items, oxygen, and health, thereby enhancing their gaming experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Starfield’s console commands, guiding you on how to activate them and explore the game in entirely new ways.

Starfield: How to Activate the Console

To activate the console in the game, you simply need to press the ` or ~ button on your keyboard while playing. It’s as straightforward as that. Once you press that button, a console will appear at the bottom of the screen where you can enter the commands mentioned below to suit your requirements.

Note: Using cheats will disable the game achievements.

Starfield Console Commands

Here are some useful console commands:

  1. tcai – This command disables enemy AI, preventing them from attacking you.
  2. tfc – Use this command to enable a free-roam camera point of view.
  3. tcl – Turning off collision allows you to fly through all surfaces in the game.
  4. killall – Execute this command to eliminate all enemies in your vicinity.
  5. tai – This command turns off AI processing.
  6. player.set level (?) – Set your player level to the specified number. Omit the brackets when entering the number.
  7. player.additem ItemNumber #(Amount) – Obtain the specified number of items with the given item number. To find the item number, use the command “help item name.” The item name doesn’t have to be an exact match; the game will search for all items related to the keyword you use and display the item number. Fill in the number in the amount box without brackets.

Unlimited Oxygen, Health & Credits Cheats

If you want to enjoy unlimited oxygen, health, and credits in the game, follow the instructions above and utilize the following console commands:

  1. tgm – Enable Godmode to make your character invulnerable.
  2. player.additem 0000000F #(Amount) – Use this command to add the specified number of credits to your character. Do not include brackets when entering the amount.

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