Starfield The Stars My Destination Achievement & All Star Systems


Navigating the boundless cosmos of Starfield offers a rich and immersive experience, as you chart your course through these 111 unique star systems. Each system boasts its own mysteries, resources, and challenges, making thorough surveying a rewarding endeavor. So, embark on this interstellar odyssey and claim your rightful place among the stars by conquering the “The Stars My Destination” achievement. Below, you will find instructions on how to grav jump, visit every star system, and a comprehensive list of them.

Starfield How To Grav Jump

To execute a Grav jump, you must allocate power to the Grav drive. On the bottom left corner of your screen, you’ll find the power allocation interface, allowing you to distribute power across different ship components. To initiate a Grav jump, divert power from other systems to the Grav drive, prompting a countdown message indicating when the jump can commence.

Upon reaching a new star system, be prepared for the possibility of encountering hostile pirates. If you find yourself ill-equipped for combat, prioritize powering up your shields and Grav drive to facilitate a rapid jump, allowing you to evade the confrontation.

How To Visit Every Star Systems

The Grav Jump is a crucial feature enabling interstellar leaps from one star system to another in Starfield. Keep in mind that you can only journey to star systems connected via nodes to those you’ve already discovered. To execute a jump spanning 2-3 star systems or utilize fast travel, it is essential to have initially visited and established a presence in each intermediate star system along the intended route. Below you will find all about Grav Jump and a full list of star systems.

Once a star system is unlocked and accessible, you can directly navigate to it by accessing the star map. It’s worth noting that each spaceship has a maximum lightyear jump limit, with the longest distance between two star systems set at 28 light years. Acquiring a vessel capable of covering this distance enables you to explore all star systems and unlock a noteworthy achievement.

While covering such extensive distances consumes a substantial amount of fuel, the good news is that after each Grav jump, the fuel reserves automatically replenish, incurring no additional costs in the game. When you hover your mouse over a star system in Starfield, a valuable piece of information is revealed: the percentage of survey completion you have achieved within that particular system. However, if a star system lacks a survey bar altogether, it signifies that you haven’t yet explored or visited that specific star system.

Starfield All Star Systems List

  1. Alchiba
  2. Algograb
  3. Alpha Andraste
  4. Alpha Centauri
  5. Alpha Marae
  6. Alpha Ternion
  7. Alpha Tirna
  8. Altair
  9. Andromas
  10. Aranae
  11. Archimedes
  12. Arcturus
  13. Bannoc
  14. Bannoc Secondus
  15. Bara
  16. Bardeen
  17. Barnard’s Star
  18. Bel
  19. Bessel
  20. Beta Andraste
  21. Beta Marae
  22. Beta Ternion
  23. Beta Tirna
  24. Bohr
  25. Bolivar
  26. Bradburry
  27. Carinae
  28. Celebrai
  29. Charybdis
  30. Cheyenne
  31. Copernicus
  32. Copernicus Minor
  33. Coucault
  34. Decaran
  35. Delta Pavonis
  36. Delta Vuples
  37. Enlil
  38. Eridani
  39. Eta Cassiopeia
  40. Fermi
  41. Feynman
  42. Freya
  43. Gamma Vuples
  44. Groombridge
  45. Guniibuu
  46. Hawking
  47. Heinlein
  48. Heisenberg
  49. Huygens
  50. Indum
  51. Ixyll
  52. Kang
  53. Kapteyn’s Star
  54. Katydid
  55. Kryx
  56. Kumasi
  57. Leviathan
  58. Linnaeus
  59. Lunara
  60. Luyten’s Star
  61. Maal
  62. Mahed
  63. Marduk
  64. Masada
  65. Mcclure
  66. Moloch
  67. Muphrid
  68. Narion
  69. Nemeria
  70. Newton
  71. Nikola
  72. Nirah
  73. Nirvana
  74. Oborum Prime
  75. Oborum Proxima
  76. Olympus
  77. Ophion
  78. Piazzi
  79. Porrima
  80. Procyon A
  81. Procyon B
  82. Proxima Ternion
  83. Pyraas
  84. Rana
  85. Rasalhague
  86. Rivera
  87. Rutherford
  88. Sagan
  89. Sakharov
  90. Schrodinger
  91. Serpentis
  92. Shoza
  93. Sirius
  94. Sol
  95. Sparta
  96. Strix
  97. Syrma
  98. Tau Ceti
  99. The Pup
  100. Tidacha
  101. Toliman
  102. Ursae Majoris
  103. Ursae Minoris
  104. Valo
  105. Vega
  106. Volii
  107. Wolf
  108. Xi Ophiuchi
  109. Zelanzny
  110. Zeta Phiuchi
  111. Zosma

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