Starfield Steal & Sell Spaceship


In the boundless universe of Starfield, thrilling escapades await those who dare to navigate the space. This article unveils a comprehensive guide to stealing spaceships, deciphering the complex art of ship registration, and the clandestine world of smuggling contraband. Below you will find how to steal spaceships, register them, and find and sell smuggled contraband items.

Starfield How To Steal Spaceships

In Starfield, the art of spaceship theft involves several strategic maneuvers. To abscond with a spacecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a Ship Landing Site: Seek out a ship landing site on any given planet. Keep in mind that you may encounter both the ship and its crew patrolling the vicinity.
  2. Sneak Inside: If other NPCs are present outside the ship, quietly infiltrate it. Subdue all crew members on board and secure control of the ship.
  3. Take the Pilot Seat: Make your way to the cockpit area and assume the pilot’s seat. From there, prepare for takeoff and set a course for adventure.

Alternatively, you can also commandeer a spaceship by engaging in a space battle:

  1. Engage in a Space Battle: Participate in a space skirmish and emerge victorious by defeating all adversaries, except for the one whose ship you covet.
  2. Disable the Engines: Target the chosen spaceship’s engines and disable them to prevent it from fleeing.
  3. Dock and Board: Approach the disabled enemy spaceship with your own and select the option to dock and board. Eliminate all opposition within, occupy the pilot seat, undock, and soar away, making the stolen vessel your new home.

Please note that some ships are equipped with locks, necessitating the use of a Digipick for unlocking. To access the master locks, you must attain a “Security” skill rank of 3 in the tech menu.

Registering Stolen Spaceships

Bear in mind that merely pilfering a spaceship does not grant you a license to sell it for a quick credit. Stolen spaceships are often met with suspicion, and registration is imperative. Seek out a mechanic in most settlements to register your ill-gotten craft, albeit at a cost of credits.

However, should you ever commandeer a Crimson Fleet ship, remember that conventional docking and mechanic services are not an option. The Crimson Fleet, being space pirates, confines you to their base known as “The Key.” Access to this location is granted by joining the Crimson Fleet faction, a feat accomplished by completing specific quests.

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