Starfield Ship Storage & How To Smuggle Or Sell Contraband Item


In Starfield, you’ll find yourself in a vast and exciting space adventure. You can only carry a limited number of items on your own, but don’t worry – your spaceship has got your back. It comes equipped with a big storage unit where you can stash all the goodies you discover during your travels. Whether you want to keep them safe, sort them neatly, or trade them with different merchants, your ship’s cargo hold is the place to do it. Below you will find how to access ship storage, upgrade storage, and smuggle contraband items.

Starfield Ship Storage

To access your ship storage, you need to visit the cockpit of your spaceship. On the right or left side, you can find a screen with a message shown as “cargo hold.” The location differs in different spaceships. Alternatively, you can also open the inventory menu, and at the bottom right of the screen, you can find a button for “cargo hold.”

When you visit a trade authority kiosk, on the bottom right side of the screen, you can find an option to directly sell the items stored in the ship’s storage. To upgrade your spaceship’s storage, you can purchase more cargo holds and install them in the spaceship.

Starfield: How to Smuggle or Sell Contraband

Contraband, valuable yet illicit cargo, can be stumbled upon during your interstellar explorations. These items are distinguishable by their yellow icons and typically necessitate a “Security” skill rank of 3 for access. To transport Contraband safely, follow these steps:

  1. Hide Contraband: Safely store the Contraband cargo in your ship’s hold. Locate the cargo panel on the cockpit wall to access it.
  2. Install Shielded Cargo Hold and Scan Jammer: For added security, consider installing a “Shielded Cargo Hold” and “Scan Jammer.” These enhancements are exclusively available through the Crimson Fleet technician, accessible by joining the Crimson Fleet faction.
  3. Upgrade Deception Skill: Elevate your social skill, Deception, to rank 4. This boosts your chances of evading detection while smuggling Contraband items by 50%.

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