Sunkenland- How To Use Batteries On Electronic Devices

SunkenlandSunkenland is a post-apocalyptic survival crafting game where the world is submerged in the water. All the buildings and infrastructure which at one time felt the cold breeze and bright sun are now inhabiting aquatic animals. Wide ranges of necessary resources need to be scavenged in order to craft and build a stronghold and types of equipment that will allow you to explore the world inside and outside water. In this guide, we have explained how to use batteries in electronic devices and how to charge them.

How To Use Batteries On Electronic Devices At Sunkenland

Certain items need batteries to activate and work such as Underwater Scooters, Headlights, etc. At Level 3 Research Table, you will be able to craft a battery. Once you have a Battery i.e. fully charged in your Inventory, all you need is to drag and drop on specific items that you need to replenish power. To remove the Battery, you will be required to have an empty slot and next drag the item that has a battery installed from your Inventory down below where the prompt to “Remove Battery” will be available.

How To Charge The Battery

To recharge the Battery, you will need to craft a Battery Charger. To power up the Battery Charger, you will need to craft a Generator. Both of these will be available at the Level 3 Research Table. Connect these two by installing a wire that requires 1 Rubber. The generator consumes Fuel to start working which is not hard to scavenge.

Each resource is important as you will be building tons of stuff in-game that will help you against Mutants and Pirates as well as for other needs. For more informative guides on Sunkenland, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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