Sea Of Stars- Which Bonus Stats To Level Up

Sea Of StarsSea Of Stars is a turn-based RPG where the Children of the Solstice i.e. Zale and Valere can combine the power of the Sun and Moon respectively to perform Eclipse Magic. Experience will be gained after each successful encounter, so it’s not difficult to level up but once you do, you will be given 4 random bonus stats from which you can choose any stat voluntarily to compliment the build. What stat would be better for Zale and Valere? If you are eager to learn then wait no more as we have covered everything in this guide.

Level Up Bonus Stats Guide For Sea Of Stars

As mentioned earlier, whenever you encounter and defeat enemies, you will get Experience which will accumulate enough to level up each character in your party. After leveling up, all the stats will be increased which will increase the prowess of your character. It doesn’t end here, you will have an option to select from any specific stats i.e. generated randomly. However, it is limited to only 4 options at a time and there are 6 stats namely:

  • ATK: Physical Attack
  • DEF: Physical Defense
  • HP: Health/Hit Points
  • MP: Mana Points
  • M.ATK: Magic Attack
  • M.DEF: Magic Defense

Gale, Zale, and Valere all three embark on the journey that has different stats and abilities that complement each other during the adventure. Aiming to increase a certain stat to increase might be difficult as the bonus stats are given at random. Instead of focusing on one stat which will be the primary stat to go on, you can choose another stat which will be the secondary choice that can be increased when your primary or the choice of stat is not available.

Which Bonus Stats You Need To Look For?

Gale can be a Healer or you can make him a good hitter depending on your build as it has nice stats. However, if you notice the MP of your characters will not increase, unlike other stats. You can use more skills if you have a higher MP count so, it is recommended to focus on the MP stats if available or else you can go for either HP or ATK stats according to your builds.

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