Book Of Hours- How To Cure Malady

Book Of HoursBook Of Hours is a narrative crafting role-playing game where we are destined to build an occult library. As a librarian of the Hush House, we ought to read the books to learn their content and gain cards. However, when the book is contaminated or we fail to read certain books; there is a heavy chance to gain a Malady. So, how do we cure it? In this guide, we have explained what to do when we have a Malady.

How To Cure A Malady In Book Of Hours

Once you have a Malady, you can’t use that Soul Fragment which is why we need to cure it. If you click any Malady, the Aspects will be shown in its description which needs to be cured. To cure it, you will need to search for an empty bed that will be present in one of the unlocked rooms. Each bed has certain aspects shown on its description at the top and you can occupy one bed at a time.

If you have selected the bed i.e. required for your Malady after comparing the Aspects, next occupy up the bed slot with the required Soul Fragment. Start the process and once it’s occupied, you can “Restore” the Malady. Similar to crafting, you will need to enter a card on any slots i.e. Soul, Skill, or Memory with the same Aspects to reach 5 Powers in order to complete the Challenges.

Finally, fill the “With” slot with any beverages and you are good to go. Choose any glass or place Water i.e. recovered from the Hush House Well. Start the process and you have cured the Malady and the Soul Fragment is now restored. Decamp the bed if you do not need it anymore by selecting the required Soul Fragment.

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