Wayfinder- Nights Maw Location Wish Upon A Star Quest Guide

WayfinderWayfinder is still in Early Access therefore it is common to find bugs and glitches here and there. One of the side quests “Wish Upon A Star” requires you to uncover the mystery of the concentration of Gloom. In this quest, we have to summon or spawn the Boss in order to defeat and complete the quest. However, things take a wild turn when the Boss refuses to spawn in. How to fix the bug?

Nights Maw Location Wish Upon A Star Quest Guide For Wayfinder

Once you interact with Seeker Avala, she will give you a side quest “Wish Upon A Star“. The quest requires you to uncover the Mystery of the Concentration of Gloom. For that, you will need 3 Wurm Bait i.e. essential to summon or spawn the boss Night’s Maw.

The location to spawn Night’s Maw is inside the cave i.e. located behind the waterfall i.e. not far from the Seeker Avala’s location. Defeat the Wurms and place the Wurm Bait on the Nest to lure in the Gluttonous Wurm. It will spawn the Night’s Maw who has a ton of HP so be cautious when you engage in battle against the Boss.

Though the game is still in Early Access, there are lots of bugs that should be fixed by the devs when it is completely launched. Sometimes the Night’s Maw will not spawn even after placing the baits. Don’t know if it is intended but it has a cooldown period which resets vaguely after 2-3 hours. So, it is recommended to come back after when few hours have passed. Even Fast Travelling from Highlands to Skyland back and forth might fix the spawn of Night’s Maw.

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