Wayfinder- How To Get And Farm Halcyon Orb

WayfinderWayfinder is an MMO role-playing game where we have to defeat the hostiles that have infiltrated and overtaken the world of Evenor. Unique Expeditions and Hunts with applied Modifiers allow you to customize each player’s experience. We gain XP and resources that are useful to strengthen your prowess. In this guide, we have covered how you can obtain Halcyon Orb and farm them constantly so that you can never go broke.

How To Get And Farm Halcyon Orb At Wayfinder

To farm the Halcyon Orb, select the Codex Halls and enter the game in Sphere 1 or any Sphere you prefer because difficulty doesn’t matter. Usually, lower difficulties are recommended to defeat enemies quickly and farm the resources quickly. Once you are inside the Gloom, check the map and see the orientation of the spawn points which are supposed to be diagonal. If not quit and search the new expedition.

Once you enter the room, you will have orbital orbs that need to be aligned. To activate the mechanism or event, jump down to the ground where the button will be found. After pressing the button, go back to the top and defeat the enemies. Stand on top of the platform to activate the orbs to rotate in the given orbit. Jump or move away when the planet is aligned with the dotted sphere.

You do not have to be perfect while aligning. The majority of the orbs should be inside the dotted sphere and once every orbit is aligned, drop down and open the chest to collect the Halcyon Orb. Repeat the process, and you will have a bunch of Halcyon Orb in no time.

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