Palia Umbran Carp, Freshwater Eel & Brighteye Butterfly


Palia presents a diverse range of content and activities designed to cater to various player preferences. Among the many engaging activities available are fishing, gardening, furniture crafting, cooking, and insect catching. In the pursuit of personal achievements, insects play a pivotal role, with specific species such as the Brighteye Butterfly among insects, and the Umbram Carp and Freshwater Eel among fishes, serving as sources of valuable resources like Silk Thread and Gold. Understanding how to locate and catch these valuable creatures becomes essential. This article will delve into the details of fishing for the Brighteye Butterfly, Umbran Carp, and Freshwater Eel.

Fishing serves as a crucial survival skill in Palia’s welcoming world, boasting an impressive variety of over 80 fish species, each adhering to unique spawning rules. These fish serve multiple purposes, from earning gold to becoming aquarium pets, ingredients for delectable recipes, and even items for village gifting.

Successfully catching a fish requires familiarity with its preferences, spanning across categories from Common to Epic, each with distinct spawning times. While some fish require bait, others can be caught without it. In certain situations, such as completing accomplishments, insects are integral to success. The Brighteye Butterfly stands out by providing resources like Silk Thread and Gold, making catching these insects equally crucial.

Palia How To Catch Brighteye Butterfly

Identifying the Brighteye Butterfly in Palia is straightforward due to its distinctive orange-brown hue and wing pattern that resembles an eye. This butterfly can only be spotted between 3 a.m. and 6 p.m. During this timeframe, direct your attention to Bahari Bay and explore specific locations where you are likely to encounter the Brighteye Butterfly:

  1. Thorny Thicket
  2. Proudhorn Pass
  3. The Outskirts
  4. Flooded Steps

Capturing the Brighteye Butterfly in Palia involves employing Smoke Bombs to temporarily immobilize the insect. It’s advisable to use several Bombs simultaneously for better results. Once the Butterfly is stunned, approach it and retrieve it. With each caught Butterfly, you can acquire anywhere between 1 to 7 Silk Threads. Furthermore, the selling price varies based on the insect’s classification, with basic insects fetching 110 Gold and quality insects yielding 165 Gold.

Palia How To Catch Umbran Carp

To locate and capture the Umbran Carp in Palia, head to Kilima Village or Bahari Bay and cast your line within the nearby caves. The advantage here is that this is the sole specific requirement; you can successfully catch the Umbran Carp at any time of the day without the need for bait. Although fishing in any cave is an option, locating appropriate spots might pose a challenge. Thus, we recommend visiting Pavel Mines situated in Bahari Bay. Accessible southeast of the Flooded Fortress and southwest of the Ancient Aqueduct, this cave offers various reservoirs where you can successfully catch the sought-after Umbran Carp. However, take note that the Umbran Carp is classified as an Uncommon fish.

How To Catch Freshwater Eel

To locate and capture the Freshwater Eel in Palia, your destination is Kilima Village, where you’ll fish in the local rivers during the Evening or Night hours. Bait becomes a crucial factor, with Worms being the only effective option to entice this fish. Notably, the Freshwater Eel falls under the category of Uncommon fish, making it a relatively straightforward catch. However, keep in mind that you can’t determine the hooked fish until you reel it in.

The fishing spots along the rivers of Kilima Village offer ample opportunities to commence your search. Pier locations situated on the village’s western coastline serve as excellent starting points. It’s worth noting, though, that altering your fishing spot in response to the water ripples is a strategic approach. While your chances of encountering the Freshwater Eel or other fish remain consistent, this adjustment enhances the likelihood of obtaining the higher-quality variant of the catch.

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