Wayfinder- What Is Imbuement And Combination Of Imbuement

WayfinderIn Wayfinder, the Lost Zones are the important aspect of the game where we can earn XP, weapons, echoes and unlock parts for the Wayfinders. You will be often playing either solo or party with someone to upgrade your character by gaining multiple loots. Before starting the expedition, you will be given the option to use Imbuement once you reach a certain stage in the main story. So what is Imbuement?

What Is Imbuement And Why To Use It In Wayfinder

Imbuements are a type of consumables that will be used in the Lost Zones. It can be imbued to your Gloom Dagger at the beginning of the Expeditions and Hunts on Lost Zones to let Mutators gain certain buffs and increase the difficulties of the run. Why are we increasing the difficulties? To earn more XP and gain more valuable loot.

Imbuements can be added individually or two to power up the Mutators. Remember, adding Imbuements will not increase the Power Rating. However, additional challenges in the form of mutators will be added throughout the whole expedition. Specific Imbuements or combination Imbuements will give certain results or loots in either Expeditions or Hunts.

These are the effects of Imbuements listed that you will get if you use these specific Imbuements:

  • Shadow: (Mutator Gloomtouched)– They explode when they die.
  • Chaos: (Mutator Trickster)– Random bombs will spawn.
  • Flora: (Mutator Toxic)– Mushrooms will spawn toxic pools as well venomous enemies will be spawned.
  • Greed: (Mutator Greed)– Spawn’s pile of gold. The more you pick, the more you will take damage.
  • Solar: (Mutator Heatwave)– Random heatwaves will occur that will strengthen enemies. Enemies will cause burn damage.
Effects of Combined Imbuements
Shadow Combination
  • 2x Shadow: (Mutator Gloomshroud)– Stand near the corrupted shrines and eliminate the enemies in order to cleanse them. They explode when they die.
  • Shadow & Chaos: (Mutator Shadowspawn)– Enemies explode when they die. Random bombs will be spawned after they die.
  • Shadow & Flora: (Mutator Corpsebloom)– Enemies explode when they die. When they die a poison orb will track you and burst creating a toxin pool.
  • Shadow & Greed: (Mutator GoldenCache)– Enemies explode when they die. Dark Treasures will be spawned that can only be destroyed with the help of an explosion.
  • Shadow & Solar: (Mutator Blackflame)– Enemies explode when they die. A pool of fire will be left permanently where the enemies die.
Chaos Combination
  • 2x Chaos: (Mutator Mayhem)– Random cubes will spawn after defeating enemies that will grant anything.
  • Chaos & Flora: (Mutator Chaos Spores)– Random spores will grow that will cause confusion temporarily.
  • Chaos & Greed: (Mutator Golden Bombs)– Avoid explosion or get afflicted with Greed.
  • Chaos & Solar: (Mutator Firebombs)– The gifts will leave a pool of fire on the ground.
Flora Combination
  • 2x Flora: (Mutator Overgrowth)– The pool of toxins will grow and heal enemies when they are inside it.
  • Flora & Greed: (Mutator Gold Blooms)– The pile of gold will be engulfed with the toxins.
  • Flora & Solar: (Mutator Eruption)– Toxic geyser will erupt from the ground.
Greed Combination

2x Greed: (Mutator Midas)– Enemies are encased in gold shells.

Greed & Solar: (Mutator Phoenix Eggs)– The enemy will drop egg where they die. Destroy it before they can resurrect.

Solar Combination

2x Solar: (Mutator Solar Flare)– When the heatwave comes, the enemies will be consumed with flame and a pillar of flame will cover up a small vicinity.

Chalice Imbuements

The Chalice Imbuements can be added to a shrine which will be found near the spawn location. The Chalice Imbuements provide a buff for each member of your party, so it is recommended to enter an Imbuement depending on the buff you require. There are a total of 5 Imbuements mentioned below and the corresponding buff it provides:

  • Shadow: Attack buff
  • Chaos: Stamina Buff
  • Flora: Defense Buff
  • Greed: Speed Buff
  • Solar: Max HP Buff

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