Wayfinder- Monastery Of The Sword Treasure Location

WayfinderIn Wayfinder, the open-world map allows you to explore Landmarks and a few hidden entrances i.e. located in each region. The side story quests that involve searching and looking around have some kind of hints in the description. However, it’s still kind of frustrating when you find nothing similar or any kind of item you are looking for. In this case, we have to “Find the Treasure” that belonged to the Monastery Of The Sword.

Monastery Of The Sword Treasure Location At Wayfinder

WayfinderThe Treasure or the Artifact of the Monastery of the Sword is located in between the two regions i.e. Lower Skylight and Crossroad Foundry as shown in the image above. Travel to the marked location where you will find a small tomb that has a sword in the background i.e. planted in the ground which will prove that you have arrived at the correct location.

Enter the tomb and go behind the sword, you will obtain the required treasure that is needed to complete the side quest “Monastery Of The Sword“. For more informative guides on Wayfinder, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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