Wayfinder- How & Where To Find Tomb Of The Stone King

WayfinderWayfinder is an MMORPG where the chaos has overrun your world. Join forces with other Wayfinders to explore and complete the Hunts and Expeditions. There are several quests and one of the early side quests you will obtain would be “Tomb Of The Stone King“. In this quest, you will have to locate the Stone King’s Tomb. We have explained everything you need to know in order to learn where you can find the tomb of the stone king.

How & Where To Find Tomb Of The Stone King At Wayfinder

If you read the description of the quest, you will notice that the area of interest pointed out is near the Undercroft. Go and explore the South-East region from the Codex Halls to discover multiple waypoints to fast travel. Once you reach Undercroft, instead of entering the Undercroft Expedition, explore the area nearby as indicated in the description i.e. where you will locate the Ironstone Keep.

Advance forward from the Ironstone Keep, and you will find an opening for a tunnel that will lead you straight to the Tomb of the Stone King or the mentioned crypt. Ultimately, Open Cache, and the side quest will be completed. If you are exploring all the nooks and crannies then you will ultimately find the Stone King’s Tomb Landmark, the matter is just when you will reach it.

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