Wayfinder- Hidden Knowledge Quest On How To Decode Tracers

WayfinderIn Wayfinder, there are loads of side story quests that allow the players to explore and repeat the Expeditions multiple times in order to find the specific Event. The Expeditions can be played along with other players, but it is recommended to play solo if you are going for the quests. If you are farming then playing and forming party works in your favor. The Hidden Knowledge quest needs us to decode the tracers. How to do it?

Hidden Knowledge Quest On How To Decode Tracers In Wayfinder

The quest has 2 Phases, however only one of the phases might create questions for most of the players i.e. the first phase is to decode the Tracers in the Undercroft. It is recommended to do the side quest solo. All you need to do is jump into the Expedition under Aurelian, Undercroft. It is easier said than done.

Once you enter the Expedition, you will need to hope that a certain Event will occur where you have to place 3 Tracer orbs that you need to decode. The problem is that it has a very low occurrence rate, so many might not get it in the first few tries. So, it is recommended to play casually and not to stress more about the single side quest. It is efficient to come back later when you will have side quests stacked that require you to play the Expedition Undercroft instead of focusing on one each time.

If you manage to find the Event where you can place the Tracer orbs, you can initiate the Decoding Sequence and fight against the mobs. After defeating the boss, your second phase of the quest will activate i.e. to talk to Lord Halar in Skylight to end the quest.

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