Sengoku Dynasty- How To Assign Maintenance Resources

In the Sengoku Dynasty, we have learned that when we recruit Refugees; the “Villager Needs” will also increase as well as new demands will be added. There were Meals, Water, and Heating previously, but now Maintenance will be added. The game has been distinct in what types of resources are used for Heating, Security, or any other types. In this guide, we have explained how to assign resources for Maintenance in order to consume specific types of materials.

Note: The game is in early access, so the subjects might improve and change.

How To Assign Maintenance Resources In The Sengoku Dynasty

Currently, the game has not included a specific feature to assign specific resources or the order in which the resources will be consumed. You only need to put all the materials in the Dynasty General Storage that will be used to satisfy the “Villager Needs“.

Clay, Stone, and Pickaxe are some of the examples that give Maintenance value. So, clustering every resource in the Dynasty General Storage is not recommended as some of the precious materials will be consumed out of your knowledge.

At the time when Maintenance is required to monitor, you must have recruited enough Refugees into your village. Therefore, the amount of logs you are obtaining per season will be more when paired up with the right kind of available tool to increase the effectiveness. Craft Planks and store them in your Dynasty General Storage from the top order. The village needs will be prioritized whatever items type or resources type are from the top in order at the storage.

So, place a bunch of stacked Planks which will give 4 Heating, and calculate the value it’s showing so that you are not using other resources. Place those in your Personal Storage, so that you will not lose it. There are some ups and downs but overall this game has been a fun experience that you would not wanna miss it.

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