Sengoku Dynasty- How To Assign Heating Resources

Sengoku Dynasty is a wonderful survival simulator game set in an open-world feudal Japan. Starting as an individual, now your village might have sufficient Refugees who are pretty much recruited thanks to your keen eyes and countless explorations. However, as the number of villagers increases, their needs will increase which will increase their happiness and increase their work efficiency. So, it is important to craft a sufficient number of resources; in this case Heating resources.

Note: The game is in early access, so the subjects might improve and change.

How To Assign Heating Resources In The Sengoku Dynasty

All the resources that we keep in the Dynasty General Storage will be consumed or say satisfy the villager’s needs when the season changes. If we are not careful, important resources might be consumed in the process of Heating. Heating can be obtained from various ways but at this point, you will have enough Log supplies that would be coming from the Woodcutter’s Hut.

Craft Firewood as it has 4 Heating and stack all of them from the top in Dynasty General Storage so it will be prioritized. Personally “Villager Needs” need to be assigned specifically so that you might not lose those important resources. The only way to not lose any resources is to remove everything else that gives Heating i.e. Fur, Charcoal, Bamboo, Straw, etc. from the Dynasty General Storage and store it in your Personal Storage.

In survival games, the resource is the only edge you have to progress quickly. Noticing your resource leakage early on will lessen your workload and let you assign villagers to much more useful Huts. For more informative guides on the Sengoku Dynasty, we have provided the links below this description:

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