Armored Core 6 En Load, En Shortfall & Current Load Guide

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Armored Core 6 brings an exhilarating world of mechanized combat to life, where strategic decisions can be the difference between victory and defeat. Among the crucial considerations is the concept of En Load and En Shortfall, intricately linked to your armored core’s energy management system. In this guide, we’ll delve into the mechanics of En Load, En Shortfall, and how to optimize your setup for peak performance on the battlefield.

Armored Core 6 En Load Guide

En Load, short for Engine Load or Energy Load, refers to the amount of energy your AC components require to function efficiently. Every part, from weapons to boosters, demands a portion of this energy, which is supplied by the generator. However, if you load your AC with heavy parts while neglecting to upgrade your generator, you may encounter the dreaded En Shortfall.

Moreover, consider modifying your core body to increase the Current En Load. Changing your core body can expand your energy capacity, allowing you to incorporate more energy-hungry parts. Altering your leg configuration influences your AC’s overall weight (Current Load), potentially allowing for more substantial armor or weapon choices without sacrificing energy efficiency.

As you assemble parts for your armored core, pay attention to the statistics displayed at the bottom of the screen. Focus on the white line depicting your current En Load, representing your energy limit. It’s paramount to ensure your energy consumption remains within this limit to avoid an En Shortfall situation.

En Shortfall Guide

En Shortfall is an alert that signals a power deficit. If the energy demand of your equipped parts exceeds the supply provided by your generator, you’ll find yourself in a situation where your armored core lacks the power required to function at full capacity.

To rectify an En Shortfall, you must strategically assess and adjust your armored core’s loadout. Begin by identifying the components consuming the most energy. Swap out heavy or energy-intensive parts for alternatives that demand less power. This may involve compromises but is essential for maintaining your AC’s combat effectiveness.

In the world of Armored Core 6, mastering the intricacies of En Load and En Shortfall is pivotal to dominating the battlefield. Balancing energy consumption, upgrading your generator, and making informed decisions about component selection are vital steps toward achieving peak performance. By delving into these energy dynamics and optimizing your armored core’s loadout, you’ll gain a formidable edge in combat and stand as a force to be reckoned with in the world of mechanized warfare.

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