Armored Core 6 All Endings & How To Get Them

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on unlocking all three endings in Armored Core 6. Figuring out how to achieve each ending can be as challenging as taking down the formidable bosses themselves. But don’t worry, we’re here to provide you with all the essential information.

In this guide, we’ll break down the concept of decision missions, the critical choices you’ll need to make, and how to navigate through each one to unlock the different endings. And for those who are diving into this new realm, here’s a small starter to help you become familiar faster.

Power-hungry corporations are on a destructive rampage across the galaxy, seeking valuable resources and leaving a trail of destruction for those who oppose them. In this scenario, you assume the role of 621, a skilled mercenary possessing exceptional piloting abilities, obtained at the cost of sacrificing nearly everything else.

Decision Missions

Decision missions play a crucial role in determining the outcome of your journey in Armored Core 6. These missions occur at key narrative junctures, presenting you with two to three distinct options that have a significant impact on the game’s direction. Each choice you make will shape your path and ultimately lead you to one of the three unique endings: Alea Iacta Est, The Fires of Raven, and Liberator of Rubicon.

While selecting a mission in some of the chapters, you might notice a small icon on the top right corner. Out of two or three missions, you can select only one. To play other missions, you need to start the game again in new game + mode.

Unlike some other titles by FromSoftware, Armored Core 6 does not offer a range of endings to pick from at the conclusion of a single playthrough. Instead, you’ll need to undertake multiple new game cycles to experience all the possible endings. The third and final ending, the Alea Iacta Est ending, is specifically tied to New Game +2. This means you’ll have to complete the game three times consecutively to unlock this exclusive route, as opposed to starting three separate new game saves.

Armored Core 6 All Endings

The Fires of Raven Ending:

You can attain the Fires of Raven conclusion by strategically navigating key decision missions. Follow these steps to achieve this ending:

  1. Opt for the ‘Eliminate the Enforcement Squads’ mission in Chapter 3.
  2. Progress with the ‘Intercept the Redguns’ mission in Chapter 4.
  3. Continue by choosing the ‘Intercept the Corporate Forces’ mission in Chapter 5.
  4. Ensure that the ‘Breach the Karman Line’ and ‘Shut Down the Closure Satellites’ missions are available in Chapter 5.
  5. On an NG+ run, no further actions are required, making this a convenient choice for your second playthrough.
Liberator of Rubicon Ending:

If you’re aiming for the Liberator of Rubicon ending, here are the key decisions you’ll need to make during your playthrough:

  1. Select the ‘Destroy the Special Forces Craft’ decision mission in Chapter 3.
  2. Opt for the ‘Ambush the Vespers’ decision mission in Chapter 4.
  3. Choose the ‘Eliminate “Cinder” Carla’ decision mission in Chapter 5.
Alea Iacta Est Ending:

Unlock the Alea Iacta Est ending in Armored Core 6 through these steps, available on a New Game +2 cycle for the quickest progression:

  1. Choose the ‘Attack the Dam Complex’ decision mission in Chapter 1 and accept the prompt after destroying the second generator.
  2. Proceed with the ‘Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech’ decision mission in Chapter 3.
  3. Opt for the ‘Eliminate the Enforcement Squads’ decision mission in Chapter 3.
  4. Continue by selecting the ‘Coral Export Denial’ decision mission in Chapter 4.
  5. Progress further with the ‘Eliminate V.VIII’ decision mission in Chapter 4.
  6. Ensure the presence of the ‘MIA’, ‘Regain Control of the Xylem’, and ‘Coral Release’ missions in Chapter 5 to activate this ending.

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