Palia Magical Mystery Machine & Find Paper Lantern Bug


Palia, for those unacquainted, is a free-to-play 3D cozy MMO. Within its immersive universe, you’re granted the freedom to set your own pace, yet numerous gameplay facets unveil themselves sooner than anticipated, enabling a dynamic and fulfilling journey. The experience of waiting never truly arises within the realm of Palia. The game offers a perpetual array of engaging activities, ensuring constant involvement. Whether you’re immersed in fishing, culinary exploits, hunting, bug-catching, foraging, gardening, or crafting, each pursuit is both straightforward and tranquil, harmonizing seamlessly with the cozy genre. Here in this article, we have tried to simplify and give you an easy walkthrough of the “Magical Mystery Machine” Quest.

Palia Magical Mystery Machine

Provided by Zeki, the “Magical Mystery Machine” quest falls under the realm of friendship quests at Level 3. Zeki entrusts players with this engaging task that revolves around camaraderie. The quest’s essence is uncomplicated: gather various types of metal bars and engage in a conversation with Zeki while these bars reside within your inventory. This dialogue unveils the components required for Zeki’s enigmatic invention.

In this interaction with Zeki, you begin by presenting him with an Iron Bar. Following this initial exchange, Zeki requests that you gather five more Iron Bars. Your willingness to assist him prompts his gratitude, and he promises to update you on the outcome. After that, you need to wait for some time for a mail from Zeki and then you can continue the quest by procuring a glowing bug or fish, specifically a Paper Lantern Bug. You can find the paper lantern bug in Bahari Bay during the evening and nighttime. Use the belt and smoke bomb to stun the bug and capture it.

Upon showcasing this magical specimen to Zeki, he approves and progresses to reveal the purpose behind his creation. Zeki unveils the “Zeki’s duplicator,” a device that transforms one item into two. He extends the honor of testing this invention to you as a token of appreciation. Offering an Apple seed, Zeki demonstrates the duplicator’s functionality by transforming the seed into two. Following the successful trial, Zeki outlines the next step, involving taking the prototype to Badruu. The objective is to initiate production and spread the duplicator’s prowess among neighboring farms. Zeki’s ingenuity promises a wave of innovation that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the local agricultural landscape.

These rewards serve as tangible recognition of your efforts and accomplishments; you will be rewarded with: the key to Zeki’s house, 2.23 Renown, and 3,600 Gold coins.

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