Book Of Hours- Tutorial Guide

Book Of HoursBook Of Hours is a role-playing game that involves collecting and using cards as an Occult Librarian to rebuild the library. In the 15th century, Hush House was engulfed by Fire, and every single collection was lost. Each player has their own path and choices, so each will create a unique history in this game.

As you have lost the memory in-game so, the game wants to replicate that and start a playthrough where you don’t know what you are doing. Well, if you are tired of figuring things out on how to play the game then we have got it covered in this tutorial guide.

Tutorial For The Book Of Hours

Once you start the game, there are sections on your screen at the bottom as well as on top. In these sections, the appropriate cards will be arranged automatically to progress. As shown in the image below, this is how your screen will look initially when you enter the village.

Book Of HoursOn the left side of the screen, there are 2 icons i.e. Eye (Consider) and Lips (Talk). On top of the screen, there is an Inventory space where your Drowned Book is placed. To its right, we have the option to open “The Tree Of Wisdoms“. Next to it will be the Time or Day indicator. On the bottom screen is where we have all the cards that will be used to interact and progress the story forward.


Aspects are of three types i.e. Powers, Expertise, and Forms. Each card or collection will have aspects written in their card description. Namely, arranged in alphabetical order these are the total number of Aspects mentioned that you will work around in the game.

  1. Edge
  2. Forge
  3. Grail
  4. Heart
  5. Knock
  6. Lantern
  7. Moon
  8. Moth
  9. Nectar
  10. Rose
  11. Scale
  12. Sky
  13. Winter

To interact successfully with anything, the required Aspects will be given. For example in the above image, the house of Mrs. And Mr Kille is Locked. However, to interact or unlock the house, we would require to use specific cards that have any of the same aspects given. Simply, click on the blank card space to highlight what can be entered.

Keep on checking what Aspect is required and what is Forbidden. If the Forbidden Aspect is included in a card, you will need to remove it before using it just as we did on the beach with Fisherman. He had a Sceptical aspect but once we had a Talk and presented the specific card i.e. Old Friend’s Address. The Sceptical aspect was removed. Similarly, in the town, you will require assistance. So hire someone who has the aspect required to unlock the house in town.

How To Save Time

You can pause the Time and perform multi-tasking by assigning a bunch of work in appropriate places. Finally, unpause the time which will start working on all the projects or interactions altogether instead of doing a task one at a time.

Memories And Lessons

Memories cards are forgotten and fade away after each dawn, so make use of it before you miss the chance. Memories and Lessons are obtained after reading a book or interacting with certain people or friends. Weather memories are handed out to you every morning. Talk to any Assistant with certain memories to let them inherit the aspect of the memory card.

Lessons do not fade away after a day and it can be considered to learn new Skills and Languages.

Elements Of The Soul

The Soul is the ability or charisma you require to speak with certain people or interact with others. If you talk to an Assistant and use Elements of the Soul, he will inherit the aspects. In the beginning, you had been given the option to choose any soul from the 3 on the beach. However, as you progress you will possess all 9 souls by advancing on the Tree Of Wisdom. These souls can be combined together if you have a workbench i.e. evolved to hold more aspects.

Skills And Languages

The Skills and Languages are used to progress through the Tree of Wisdoms and books. Each skill has certain Aspects and Arcanes mentioned in their description. The skills can be upgraded to hold more aspects, however, it can be tricky sometimes.

Once you unlock the first room after unlocking the bridge, the true game will begin where you have a multitude of options to pick ranging from books to other objects. Reveal what has been hidden for centuries and be the Librarian you want to be.

For more informative guides on Book Of Hours, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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