Book Of Hours- How To Get Skills And Upgrade

Book Of HoursIn Book Of Hours, we have to obtain cards to progress through the game using the required aspects. The Memories and Souls are obtained from the beginning and each day, you get a new Weather Memory card. What about the Skill and Language cards? How do we get it?

How To Get Skills And Upgrade In Book Of Hours

To obtain the skill card, all you need to progress through the main story and dry the book. Unlock the Library Hush House, and make sure you read the Journal with the refreshed Soul card to develop your character.

You will find The Soul’s Labours where in the description there would be Challenges. The challenge section will reveal what Soul or Memory, you need to enter in order Consider your Journal and unlock the Lessons.

Further, these Lessons can be turned into a skill. Simply insert the Lesson into Consider option and you have obtained the Skill.

How To Upgrade The Skills In Book Of Hours

There are 4 windows that need to be filled up in order to upgrade the skill. Firstly,

  • ConsiderEnter a Skill.
  • EffortEnter a Soul.
  • UnderstandingEnter a Lesson or Memory.
  • UnderstandingEnter a Lesson Or Memory.

To upgrade a Skill, you will need to Consider a Skill and require a Lesson to understand. The Lesson required should be of the same Power Aspects i.e. if you have Lantern skill, then your lesson should have Lantern skill, and so on.

Once you upgrade the skill, you will need more Understanding so it’s not easy to upgrade skills quickly. However, efficiently you can create memories after considering a few objects in your house that will be used in the Understanding box.

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