The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- How To Play Family

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a crossplay multiplayer asymmetrical horror game where 3 killers i.e. Family are hunting for 4 survivors i.e. Victims on their vast property. Your objective is to find and eliminate all the victims that are trying to make an escape. In this guide, we have explained what you have to do and look out for in this game.

How To Play Family In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


There has to be a Leatherface and the rest can pick any role. Leatherface always spawn in the Basement. The rest of the Family members are spawned at the main house or outside. For the first few minutes until the metal door that leads out of the basement is opened. Leatherface need to destroy all the vaulting platforms, crawling spots, and doors that seem to be critical or near objective spots. If you have sneaked or spotted any Victim then you can chase and down them which gives you a clear advantage at the beginning.

The other family members can harvest blood or place traps on the choke points or any objective-related places. Most importantly, your task in the first few minutes would be to power up the Generator and Car battery to electrify the cattle grid. Each family members have different perks and abilities, so there is no consistent or specific way to play as a Family because you all are unpredictable.

Grandpa And Objectives

The most important part of your objective is to Level up your Grandpa quickly so his Sonar ability can reveal the Victim’s location. The Family can give an additional ability to Grandpa which is chosen at the beginning of the game. Keep track of the objectives after the basement door is unlocked. You might never know how many victims have escaped the dungeon. Look out for Grandpa as some cheeky Victims might try to stab Grandpa in order to lower his blood level. Now, all the other family members can get involved in the chase.

While keeping track of the exit gates, if you see the pressure valve exit is emitting steam then quickly inform or go towards the pressure pump system to turn off the valve. Check fuses as if any of it is missing then they can open the basement door.

Sometimes, if your lineup is good in chasing victims then it doesn’t hurt to join Leatherface in the basement. Search each corner and part of the basement and use Voice Chat to coordinate. If you don’t have success then leave Leatherface alone to create havoc inside and destroy traps.

These are the methodical plays but bring on the spices and implement your playstyle with your intended perks and stats to be the better killer in the lobby. For more informative guides on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, click on the links that have been given below the description:

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