The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- How To Sprint

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the game is all about Victims and Family i.e. Survivors vs Killers. The asymmetrical horror game has only a single motive. Escape from the horror or so-called grasp of Family members. We cannot do this casually as the more experienced Family will get hold of you in no time. So, let’s learn all the essential buttons which will be used in the game that also includes sprinting.

How To Sprint In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

When we start the game as a Victim, you will be tied up and after wiggling your way out from the rope; the default position will be crouched. So press the Crouch button again i.e. “C” for the mouse and keyboards at Preset 1 whereas “B” is on the Xbox controller, and “O” is on the PS controller.

To Run, press “Shift” on the mouse and keyboards whereas “LB” is for the Xbox controller and “L1” is for the PS controller.

While running, press “Spacebar” to use 1 bar of your stamina to Sprint. Similarly, the “A” button on the Xbox controller and the “X” button on the PS controller.

While timing a Sprint Burst, you can avoid an attack lunge from the Family and create distance. Use Voice Chat in the game to co-ordinate with others and especially when you are new so they can guide you through. Well, you learn the game as you play and spectate more.

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