The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- How To Play Victim & All Exits

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a third-person asymmetrical horror multiplayer game which supports crossplay. If you are new to this game then worry not as we have covered everything you need to know as a Victim or Survivors.

How To Play Victim And All Escape Routes In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

As a Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you all will start from the Family’s Basement. Escape the basement which requires a toolkit to open up the metal door. There is Bone Scrap, a Healing bottle (Small & Medium), and a Tool Kit that will be available throughout the map in random locations that will assist you in your playthrough.

Bone Scrap is used to destroy the traps, noisemakers, and stab family members including Grandpa. Healing Bottle (S&M) can heal you and allow you to heal your teammates. Finally Tool Kit allows you to unlock the locked door, fusebox, or padlocks. Gather as much XP as you can in a single game by being involved in doing tasks as it will all be used to level up.


Once you are above the ground, you will have to do specific tasks in order to escape from any of the exits. Each map has a total of 4 Exits. The exits are all needed to be powered up in order to escape from the mad Family. The exits are listed below:

Road Exit

The Road Exit is a straightforward exit located at the edge of the property where you can spot the main road. However, the road exit is usually protected with an electrified cattle grid i.e. powered up.

To track the location of the power source i.e. Generator, you will need to follow the cables i.e. leading from the exit. When the generator is making noise then it means that it is running. Turn it OFF and be wary of the traps nearby. The family would not leave these escape routes unguarded.

When the generator is turned OFF, there would be a short cooldown before it can be turned ON. So, make your way across the Road Exit to go in either right or left to escape the Family.

Rear Exit

As the name suggests, the exit is found at the rear side of the property. Similar to a Road Exit, it is usually protected with an electrified cattle grid i.e. powered up.

To track the location of the power source i.e. Car Battery, you will need to same follow the cables i.e. leading from the exit. Disable the car battery and make your way to the exit gate to interact with it. Picklock using Tool Kit to unlock the gate and escape quickly before anyone comes or powers up the car battery again.

Fusebox Exit

TTCMThe Fusebox Exit is located in the basement. The blue-colored metal door has light indicators that indicate whether it is locked or open. The red color is ON means the exit is closed. Escape the basement and locate the Fuse above ground on each map.

After collecting the Fuse, you will need a Toolkit to unlock the Fusebox. After opening the lid, you will have to play a simple maths game. Insert the correct total Amps value with the given color fused into the correct slots.

Once the slots are filled with the correct colored fuses and value, it will power up the Basement Exit hence, opening the basement exit. It will be opened for a short amount of time, so make it count and run for the exit. If the basement exit is closed again, all you need to do is interact with the Fusebox again to power it up.

Pressure Valve Exit

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreThe Pressure Valve Exit is located outdoors on each map. To identify a Pressure Valve Exit, you can locate a Pressure valve pump on the side of the door as shown in the image. The most important part of the item you need will be Valve Handle i.e. circular in shape.

It is usually located outside the house, so you have a reason to escape from the basement and house safely. Connect the valve handle to the pressure tank to build up the steam. Once enough pressure has been built up, the Pressure Valve Exit gate will be opened up.

However, the Family can interact with the tanks valve to it in order to close the gate. You will have to power it up again in order to escape from this route.

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