Palia Solve The Riddle Ancient Battery


Upon receiving a mail from Jina, a captivating quest unveils itself in the world of Palia. This quest tasks you with visiting the ancient ruin door concealed behind a majestic waterfall. While the door’s location is conveniently marked on your map, the challenge lies in finding a route to reach it. Swimming isn’t an option in this game, so discovering an alternative path becomes paramount. On the right side of the waterfall, a wooden bridge awaits, leading you to the enigmatic realm behind the cascades.

Palia Ancient Battery Solve The Riddle

Beyond the wooden bridge, a secret ruin door stands before you, its mysteries waiting to be unlocked using the ancient battery. Once the door is opened, venture into the ruins and embark on a journey of exploration. Traverse the chambers and immerse yourself in the inscriptions etched within. As you delve deeper, a riddle awaits your attention. Your task now is to decipher this riddle. The solution lies within your watering can.

Solving The Riddle

With your watering can in hand, pour its contents into the rusted bowl positioned at the heart of the chambers. If your watering can runs dry, don’t fret – you can replenish it from within the chamber. As the bowl fills with water, a mechanism is triggered, and the secret door before you will gracefully open, granting you access to the concealed ruins. Step through the now-opened door and explore the enigmatic ruins that were hidden away.

Completing the Quest

Having ventured through the hidden ruins, return to find Jina and engage in conversation. Interact with her to conclude this intriguing quest. But your journey doesn’t end here. To reach the ruins initially, a glider is your key. Following your interaction with Jina, she will guide you to Najuma, who awaits you in the coastal haven of Bahari Bay. This marks the continuation of your journey, propelling you toward new horizons and exciting encounters.

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