Palia Old Coin Quest, Find The Coins & Ask Around About Coins


A hearty salute goes out to all the dedicated players who have meticulously strived and persevered to reach this point in Palia. The journey thus far has undoubtedly been commendable, given the thoughtful intricacies of Palia and the strategic gameplay that the developers have ingeniously crafted. This game demands that extra layer of thinking to forge ahead, making each step an accomplishment. The quests and subquests within the game are immersive and interconnected, weaving a compelling narrative. In this article, our spotlight shines on the “Old Coin” quest. For those grappling with the challenge of locating these elusive Old Coins scattered throughout the Palia world, rest assured that we’re here to assist you. As you explore the enchanting landscapes of Palia, keep your eyes peeled for these Old Coins. Our detailed map guide will navigate you with precision, ensuring your journey is both smooth and rewarding.

Palia Old Coin Quest

The Old Coin, a captivating artifact recently introduced in the Palia 0.166 update, presents a tantalizing opportunity. Embarking on the quest to collect these coins isn’t merely an exercise in curiosity; it’s a gateway to reaping significant benefits, including additional experience points (XP) and a range of enticing rewards.

Your quest to acquire the Old Coins in Palia begins with a journey to the Flooded Fortress, nestled to the west of the Bahari Bay map. Keep in mind that access to certain elevated areas of the ruins requires the possession of The Glider—a tool that empowers you to ascend to new heights and unlock hidden realms within the game.

Unlocking The Glider hinges on solving the enigmatic riddle of the Ancient Battery concealed within the Phoenix Falls ruins. Once you’ve successfully deciphered this puzzle, you’ll gain the ability to wield The Glider.

Palai Start Old Coin Quest & Find All Old Coins

To start this quest you will have to visit the flooded fortress and travel using your glider as shown in the image above. On the right, you will find a door to head inside the fortress. There you will find two sets of stairs that will lead you downstairs. You will find a phoenix statue and behind the statue there will be a vase. Once you pick that up, the old coin quest will start.

To complete this quest you need to find two more vases with old coins inside. The second vase will be located on the platform that you just crossed to reach the inside of the fortress. This old coin will only appear after you have picked up the first old coin behind the phoenix statue. Check the image above to find the location of the second old coin.

For the third old coin, you need to visit the area shown in the image above by using your glider. Once you have all three old coins. Go to Zeki and he will tell you to insert the coin in the phoenix statue where you found the first old coin. Return back to the statue and use all three coins to find fortune scrolls. Read the scrolls and then return to Zeki to complete the quest. The reward of the quest will be one lucky coin and 10 renown. The lucky coin can be used in the general store.

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