Sengoku Dynasty- How To Fast Travel Across The Map

In Sengoku Dynasty, the map seems to be too huge which we have all experienced way back at the beginning when you must have travelled from one checkpoint to another. The quest at the beginning will send you from one part of the map to another which should be all covered at foot. Once discovered, at least we might have wondered that there should be a fast travel system in the game. Well, at least there is a way to fast travel which we have explained in this post.

Note: Game is still in Early Access, so it might change in near future.

How To Fast Travel Across The Map In Sengoku Dynasty

Considering that the distance covered or the area covered on the map is too slow compared to the time you spend running. There is a way through which you can at least fast-travel at least a one-way ticket back home from the start of the game. Press “Esc” and select “Respawn (unstuck)” to spawn at your village with a loss of gold and hunger.

If you are wondering that the game must have some kind of way to fast-travel at a predetermined location then the answer is No. Though you can create and custom install Fast Travel point in the form of creating another village.

What Is Required To Fast Travel Another Village

Once you have built the second village properly with the housing and all, this mentioned trick will allow you to Fast Travel from one village to another.

  1. Open your Inventory or Character Screen
  2. Select Dynasty
  3. Select Population
  4. Select “Your Character Name
  5. Under Home, assign Village 2

After assigning your bed, Press “Esc” and select Respawn (Unstuck) to spawn on the new or desired village. For more informative guides on Sengoku Dynasty, we have provided the links below this description:

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