Sengoku Dynasty- How To Build A Second Village Quickly

In Sengoku Dynasty, we started as a homeless individual but at the beginning, we had marked a location where we decided to reside and build a home. However, as we do not have Fast Travel and all the areas that are rich in minerals are located on different parts of the map; it is tough to run back and forth. At the start of the game, we didn’t explore much and established a village on a remote even land that might lack resources and exposure. So the thought of establishing a new village might have crossed your mind. Worry not! We have got it covered everything in this guide on how to build your second village quickly.

How To Build A Second Village Quickly In Sengoku Dynasty

The first thing we need to clarify is that the resources at your first village can be shared across other storages. So, after building a Bell Tower, as we had in the Tutorial, and following it up with building storage. Build Wood, General, and Food Storage before building a House as you can gain access to all the materials you possess in the First Village.

Now, start building workstations as you will need refined materials and other resources that were enjoyed in the first village. In the condition that you have recruited Refugees into your Second Village, we don’t want them unemployed. So, it’s better to have them farm resources per season with upgraded tools (increase efficiency).

Best of all, now you can even Fast Travel to the second village which will save all the hassle of traveling back and forth. For more informative guides on Sengoku Dynasty, we have provided the links below this description:

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